PJAS Ideas for 2022/2023

Here is a guideline/template of what a PJAS presentation looks like: VIEW
These are the titles of the 7th & 8th grade projects from PJAS State competition in 2021-2022:

Does color affect taste?
Hard Working Heart
The Effect of a Food’s Appearance on Taste
Cat Paw Preferences
How fears change throughout age.
Is Red Ink for More than Just Mistakes?
Put It in the Basket
Can Video Games Relieve Stress
Which Sunscreen Is “The Best”
Does music make the mood?
Middle School Athlete Virtual Reality Concussion Training
Stroop’s Scoop
How do age and sex affect a person’s ability to multitask?
Classical Music and Cognitive Skills
What Sounds Effect Your Concentration Levels?
Are Child Proof Containers Really Child Proof
How do sounds impact blood pressure?
Do Women Remember Details better than Men?
Analyzing the Effect of Font Color on the Score of Each Part
Why are Teens Stressed
Stroop Effect
The Mysterious Mind and Its Crazy Behaviors
The Shade of Gender
The Illusion of Taste and Flavor
Effects of Music on Sleep Stages
The Effect of Traffic Safety Conditions on Drivers Speed
Effects of Music on the Trolley Problem
Peppermint Time Test
“Where’s Waldo” Experiment
Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Abilities
Can adults pass a middle school science test?
The Effect of Aerobic Activity on Test Accuracy
Perfectionists at Multitasking
Can Music Make Us More Creative?
Does Stress Affect Your Temperature?
Does playing video games have an effect on reaction time?
Genre of Music v. Memory and Processing Speed
The Stroop Effect: Does IQ Matter?
Gender’s Effect On Left Or Right Brain Dominance
Why are teens stressed?
Analyzing the Effect of Font Sizes on Test Scores
The Nose Knows: How do Smells Affect People’s Stress Levels?
Investigating the Bouba-Kiki Effect
The effect of mindfulness to focus and succeed.
Reaction Time Test
Do people hear differently due to Gender?
What Color of Word is Easiest to Memorize
Does quality of eyesight have an effect on color preference?
Which Brand of Hand Sanitizer Will Kill the Most Germs?
How Cigarettes Affect Your Lungs
Which Drink Stains Your Teeth the Most?
Investigating Cellular Respiration
Does sunlight affect the type of chlorophyll in spinach?
Does Surface Protein Count Affect Vaccine Efficacy?
Duration of Ultraviolet Exposure that Kills Bacteria
How Nitrogen affects the height of grass
What Yeast is the Beast?
Will Interval Training Decrease my 2 mile Running Time?
Effect of Exercise on Academic Achievement
Connecting a Fruits Water Content to DNA Extraction
Does the Type of Hairbrush You Use Effect Hair Loss?
The Five Second Rule
Growing Plants on Mars
What Makes Fruit Stay Fresh?
Laundry Detergents’ Impact on the Environment
Preserving Apples with Liquids with Different Levels of pH
Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates -Tool to Detect Contaminants.
Are fingerprint patterns influenced by genetics/heredity?
Effects of Vinegar Concentrations on Epidermal Onion Cells
Determining Regeneration Limits In Planaria
The Effect Of Exercise On Heartrate
Taste Bud Trickery: Does Color Matter?
Measuring Your Taste Threshold
The Speedy Sugars
Are Department Stores Clean?
The Effect of Turmeric on Girardia tigrina Regeneration
A Heart Beat Away
How do Antibacterial products affect bacterial growth?
Which surface will generate the most bacteria?
Heart And Oxygen Rate Experiment
What relieves the pain from hot wings the fastest?
Factors Influencing Retinal Fatigue in Adolescents
Finding the Genetics in New Zealand Rabbits
Moisturizer: The Correlation Between Ingredients and Potency
The effects of beverages on primary teeth
The Role of Gut Bacterial Metabolome in Colorectal Cancer
Chloro-fuel: How chlorine affects the density of algae
What is the Best Consumption of Glucose for a Diabetic
How Does Temperature Affect Yeast Growth?
Can you see your DNA at home?
How Different Liquids Affect The Heart Rate of Daphnia
Can Peppermint Improve Reaction Time?
Mars. What’s on the menu?
Does Eye Color Affect Peripheral Vision?
Can Adults Pass a Middle School Science Test?
How Does Spice Affect Mold Growth on Biscuits?
Monitoring Water Toxicity Using Daphnia Magna
The Effect of Temperature on the Heart Rate of Daphnia magna
Do Different Levels of Vitamin C Affect Plant Growth?
Why Would You Pay for Your Garden Fertilizer?
Recycling Trash To Make Food
How Do Different Liquids Affect the Way Plants Grow?
What are the effects of different fertilizers on green beans
Do plants germinate better in different soil types?
Does the Mass of a Garlic Clove Affect its Growth Rate?
Effect of Capsaicin on Soybean Germination
How Different Amounts of Plant Food Affect the Plants Growth
Does Change in Light Color Affect the Speed of Plant Growth?
What Makes a Plant Grow Best?
Which Light Makes a Taller Plant: Sunlight or UV Light
Which soil will have a greater height and width of a plant?
What Fertilizer Works Best for Plants?
Plant Pigmentations: The Study of Evergreens in Western PA
Effects of Over-the-Counter medications on plant growth.
How Plants React To Sound
Observing the Fall Rainbow
What Plants Prevent Erosion The Best
What source of tomato’s grow the best
What Type of Light Will Plants Thrive Under?
Let It Grow!
What fertilizer grows grass the best; Natural or synthetic?
Water Alkalinity’s Influence On the Growth of Dieffenbachia
How saltwater effects lettuce.
Leafy Green Hydroponics
Testing Acidic Fertilizers on Radishes
The Effects of Boron on Basil Plants Growing in Hydroponics
Which Nutrient is Best for Plant Growth?
Granular Versus Liquid Fertilizer
What Kind Of Soil Makes Bean Plants Grow The Best?
Growing in Color
What Type of Fertilizer Will Result in Most Plant Growth?
Does Caffeine Affect The Growth of a Mung Bean Plant?
Aroids in Tissue Culture
Does the Wavelength of Light Affect Plant Growth?
Color Contrast: A Study of Pigments in Plants
The Effects of Coffee Ground Amount on Plant Growth
Hydroponic Heights
Experimenting with Hydroponics and Nutrients
Effect of weak acids on closure dynamics of a Venus fly trap
Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Seed Germination
What are the Effects of Plastic Waste on Plant Growth?
Hydroponics Vs In Soil Growth
How does the brand of potting soil affect plant growth?
Water Type and Plant Growth
Sunscreen vs. Basil
How does Acid Rain Affect the Growth of Plants?
How does pH of water affect plant growth?
How does the Salinity of Soil Affect Plant Growth?
The cost to quality ratio of water from different sources
How Do Different Mediums Filter Contaminated Water?
Different Drinks Effect on Teeth
Which Brands Of Battery’s Lasts the Longest?
Acetic Decay with Different Vinegars in Clam Shells
A Better Blend of Biofuels.
Effect of Material on Apple Storage
Cola POP!!!
Which Brand of Popcorn Pops the Most Efficient?
Wild Water Filtration
The Effect of Sugary Drinks on Tooth Enamel
The Effect of Baking Powder on the Fluffiness of Pancakes
What Water Depth is the Cleanest?
Does the Flavor of Ice Cream Affect How Quickly it Melts?
The Effect Detergent has on Stains
Egg’s Effect on Cupcake Height
Does your drink conduct electricity?
How Does Baking Soda Affect the Length of a Fire Snake?
Under Pressure
Alkaline vs Carbon Batteries
Which Window Cleaner is the Most Effective?
Do Different Fabric Softeners Affect Flammability of Shirts?
Which Filtration Material Leads to the Best Drinking Water?
Vinegar’s Effect on the Durability of Bioplastics
P&G vs. Distillation: Ultimate Smackdown
How Long Does It Take For a Strawberry to go bad?
Citrus Electricity
Effect of temperature on dissolved oxygen content in water
Cold Pack Chemistry: Where Does the Heat Go?
Different Burn Times of Wood
What form of ibuprofen dissolves faster?
How Does The pH Of Water Affect Limestone Erosion?
Best Water Filter Brand
The Effect Of Cocoa On The Melting Time Of Chocolate.
The Neutrality of Water
How Much Salt Is Required For An Egg To Float In Water?
Which Sugary Drink Damages Teeth The Most?
The Effect of Color on Heat Transfer
Stain Remover
Effect of Heat on the Vitamin C Levels in Tomatoes
Effect of Salt on the Boiling Point of Water
Electrolyte Challenge
How does lemon juice preserve types of apples from rotting
Face Moisturizers: Their Claims Tested
Comparing the Dissolution Rates of Various Drugs
What is in Your Water?
Acid Erosion
The burning question
Osmosis and the Several Spectacular Solutions
What Type of Mop will Absorb the Most Water
How Do Solutions Affect The Mass And Length Of A Gummy Bear?
Which Type of Orange Juice has the most Vitamin C
Why do certain fruits prevent gelatin from solidifying?
Testing Life-Hacks for Foggy Glasses
Does the Bowl Material Affect the Melting Rate of Ice Cream?
Which Type of Salt Melts Ice the Fastest?
Oh My Luscious Lash!
How Different Chemical Fertilizers Affect Algae Growth
Salts affect on the density of water and flotation of an egg
How Does Gluten Affect the Density of Cupcakes?
Which Scentless Deodorant is Most Effective & Cost Efficient
Which drink has the best sugar levels and electrolytes
Elasticity of Slime
Osmosis Through an Egg Membrane
Comparative Absorbency of Various Fabrics
“Who’s got the power?”
Which Lotion Keeps Skin Moisturized the Best?
Teeth Staining
How Does Acetone Melt Plastic?
Rebound That!
Which Liquid Will Produce the Most Voltage?
Preserving Apples
The Affect of Bleach on Synthetic Hair
How Does SPF Affect Sunscreen’s Ability to Protect Your Skin
Cricket Powder Exploration
Bath Bomb Science
The Strength of Plastic
What’s in Your Water?
Do different types of salt change the density of water?
Pretreating With Salt Brine Reduce Salt Needed During Storm?
pH Levels Effect on the Color of Avocado Dye
What Beverages Release the Most Gas
What Is the Fastest Way To Decompose Hydrogen Peroxide?
Do Water Filter Straws Effectively Filter Bacteria?
Which Type of Orange Juice has the Most Vitamin C?
The Different Catalysts vs Height of the Elephant Toothpaste
Caution: Contents Hot!
Does a Candles’s temperature affect the rate it burns?
What Form of Tylenol will Dissolve Fastest?
Which Type of Water has the Best Water Quality?
Electrolyte Evaluation
A Salty Solution
Egg Substitute vs. The Height of a Cupcake
Acid vs. Bleach
Bright White: Which whitening toothpaste works best
The Effect of Granulated Substances on Melting Time
Which Type of Salt Helps Ice Melt the Fastest?
Nailing Down the Durability of Nail Polish
The Effect of Different Leavening Agents on Cookies
The Effect of 3 Soluble Compounds on the Melting Time of Ice
What temperature is the best for growing crystals?
Electrolytes: Comparing Sports Drinks to Household Liquids
The Clean Copper Project
Construction of Electromagnets: The Effects of Copper Wire
Which type of biomass produces the most ethanol?
Don’t Spread the Cold, Do What You’re Told!
Electrifying Energy
What Is the Most Effective Tooth Bleaching Method?
Which Beverages Have the Greatest Amount of Electrolytes?
Does Acid Rain Corrode Steel Wool?
Boiling Beverages
The Efficiency of Sunscreen with UV beads
What Filtration Method Leads to the Best Water Quality?
“Visit to Ancient Rome” An augmented/virtual reality program
Hair Care: Picture Analyzation
RecycleBot: Machine Learning Based Automated Waste detection
Can Video Analysis of Hand Tremors Aid in Telehealth?
Developing an Optimized AI Model to Improve Drug Discovery
Creating A Chatbot
Does Wi-fi Affect Computer Speed?
Effect of type of machine learning algorithm on predictions
Human vs. Computer: Analyzing The Traveling Salesman Problem
Extracting DNA from Strawberries
Aquatic Plants: Not Just a Decoration
How does light pollution affect the visibility of stars?
What gets rid of iron off of oxidized rocks the fastest
How Does the Size of a Meteorite Affect its Crater?
The Harmful Effects of Acid Rain
Effect of acids on calcium carbonate.
Melting Caps
pH and its affects on NPK in soil
Effective Space Radiation Shielding
Designing and Characterizing Biodegradable Starch Films
Do Various pH Levels have an Affect on Clam Shells?
Winter Shadows
Let it Rain
Model to optimize energy usage in a house to charge an EV
Achoo! Masks and Permeability
The Effects of Tree Species on Heat Production
Effect of Temperature on a Solar Powered Phone Charger
Building Beaches
Supporting Structures: Testing Soil Types for Ideal Building
Which is the Best Method of Purifying Water?
Phosphate Levels in Local Water Sources
Reduction of Pollution Using Water
How pH affects grass growth
How much weight can a bridge hold?
Can a robot be programmed to pick up trash around the house?
Earthquake Resistant Foundations
What Paper Towel Is Most Effective
Bicycle Battery Charger
What is the Most Structural Type of Bridge?
Earthquake Simulation Using Jello Bricks
Effect on Brightness Depending on Amount of Lightbulbs
Will the Types of Truss Bridges Effect its Durability?
Does the Space Between Objects Affect how Fast they Fall?
Can Negative Pressure Effect Plastic Bottles.
How Strong Are Different Types of Bridges?
Which Type of Soil Has the Most Load Bearing Capacity?
Can Machines Identify Handwritten Digits?
What color shingles is best for your house?
The Robotic Night-Light Buddy
A Potato Powered World
Solar-Powered Water Desalination
Which Desalination Process is Best for Desalinating Water?
How does Foundation Material Affect a Bridge’s Resistance to
Hydraulic Turbine Design on Producing Energy
Wind Power
Increasing the Strength of 3D Printed Prosthetic Legs
Magnetic Gauss Gun
Guide to Ordinary Least Squares
Pythagorean Theorem
Trigonometry in Hockey
Pythagorean Theorem
Disney Princesses: From to Damsel in Distress to Girl Boss
The F.O.I.L. Method
Modeling Covid19 Spread w/ Symbolic + Polynomial Regression
The Collatz Conjecture
Which Rubik’s Cube Method has the Fastest Solve Time?
Why Knot? The Mathematical Theory of Knots
The Pythagorean Theorem
Partial Fraction Decomposition
How Does the Type of Tennis Court Impact the Winner Stats
The Effect of Various Educational Practices on the Increase
How Do Food Preservatives Affect the Growth of Microbes?
The Impact of Alcohol Concentration in Hand Sanitizer
Bacteria Vs Honey
The Effects of Different Solutions on Bacteria
Effect of Disinfectant Wipes on Bacterial Growth
What is the best way to keep the germs away
Which Mouthwash Kills the Most Bacteria?
Witch household cleaner kills the most bacteria?
Germs Here, Germs There, Germs Everywhere!
Which Household Item Has the Most Bacteria?
Which Brand of Disinfectant Spray Kills the Most Bacteria?
How does temperature affect how much yeast rises?
Which Brand Of Hand Sanitizer Kills The Most Bacteria?
Which Antibacterial Soap Effectively Kills Bacteria?
Minimum percentage of alcohol required to kill a germ
“How Well Do Disinfectants work?”
Do Different Cleaning Methods Affect How Clean a Surface Is?
Which Brand Of Hand Sanitizer Is The Most Effective?
The Effect of Ultra Violet Light Sanitizers on Bacteria
Do Spices Inhibit The Growth of Mold?
How Does Exposure to Light Affect The Growth of Fungi?
Which soap works best to kill germs and Bacteria
Cleaning Water Bottles
What acne cleanser kills the most bacteria?
The Bacterial Growth on Various Types of Masks
Sensitivity of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
Does Grocery Store Size Affect Bacterial Growth?
Soap and Water V.S. Hand Sanitizer
Mad Mold vs. Battling Berries
Germs Away!
Hand Soap Effectiveness
How temperature affects mold growth on household food items.
How do Different Sugar Substitutes affect Yeast?
The Effect of Natural Antibiotics on Bacteria
Which Household Item Most Effectively Kills Bacteria?
How effective are preservatives on the growth of bacteria?
Mold vs. Cold
The Antibacterial Effects of Different Types of Honey
Do organic cleaners work better than chemical rich cleaners?
What’s in Your Book?
How Do Different Angles of Launch Affect Flight?
Battery Gone Dead
Testing The Invisible
The Speed and Distance of Weighted Cars
Which Material Blocks Wi-Fi signal the Best?
Up to Bat
How Does Temperature Affect the Performance of a Soccer Ball
Let’s Pop!
Does Temperature of a Tennis Ball Affect How High it Bounces
What Surface Makes a Basketball Bounce the Highest?
Ambient Temperature’s Effect On Solar Cells
Solar Power VS. Battery Power
Does Air Affect How Long Fingerprints Last on a Surface?
Do Different Magnets Make Homopolar Motors Work Differently?
How Does a Ball’s Mass Affect How Far it Goes?
Which Material will Block a Sound the Best?
Bridge Structure Efficiency
With Which Lacrosse Stick Will I Shoot The Fastest?
Pop the Kernel
Which Brand of Fishing line Holds the most Weight?
Measuring Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation
” I’m Stuck on You” Strength of Electromagnets
Science of swimming how can physics affect the way you swim
How High Will a Fire Vortex Fly?
Effects of Fluid Viscosity on Hydraulic Lift
Warm Colors
What Makes Ice Stronger?
Will Temperature Effect How a Can Will Crush?
The Viscosity of Different Condiments
What Bat Hits a Baseball the Farthest and Quickest?
Does size matter
H20 On The Go: The Science Behind Insulated Travel Mugs
How much energy does dribbling take?
The Rate of Heat Transfer in Different Types of Metals
Can Fruit Really turn on a light?
How a sphere’s density affects its acceleration on a ramp
Does Artificial Light Make Ice Melt Faster?
Hefty Hefty Hefty or Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy ?
Does the width of a tire affect the speed of the tire?
Basketball Shot Arc
Does the Weight of a Car Affect the Speed it Goes?
Which Garbage Bag is the Strongest?
Does Color Affect Drying Time?
The Spin in the Pitch: How Does Pine Tar Affect a Pitch?
How Does Material and Size Affect Sound Frequencies?
Study of Electrolysis
Effectiveness of Primitive Water Filters
Does Different Amounts of Conductivity Affect Light Output?
What is the best paper towel for soaking up spills
How much weight can different paper towel brands hold?
Solar cell performance under different conditions
Are Peltier Devices the Future?
Dress for Success: Which Fabric Twirls Best?
How Does The Strength of a Magnet Change With Distance?
Which Popcorn Brand Pops the Best?
Kick Out of the Ballpark
Hanging on by a Thread
Clean it!
Effect of Air Pressure of a Soccer Ball on Height of Bounce
The Effect of Mass on the Distance a Car Travels
Fabric vs Insulation Ability
Effect of Cymbal Diameter on Loudness
What material flies the farthest when shot by a catapult?
Pounding the Strike Zone with Plyo-Ball Pitching
How the Speed of a Roller Coaster is Affected by Loops.
Wooden vs. Aluminum Bats
Riding the Wave
How does voltage affect the power of a laser?
The Fastest Way to Cool a Soda
How Much Salt is Required to Make an Egg Float?
Which alternative energy source wastes the least?
How do the aerodynamics of shapes affect how fast they go?
Paper Towles
Investigating the Mpemba Effect
Wind Tunnel Tubes
How does pressure in a soccer ball effect accuracy
What Would Fly the Best
Is NASA’s New Balloon Technology the Future of Telescopes?
Electromagnet Coils and Voltage
Salt Ice Melts
The Strongest Wood
Worst Heat Conduction Ever
Which Sunscreen is Most Effective Against UV Light Exposure?
Fabrics vs. UV Rays
The Effect of Turbulence on the Trajectory of a Knuckle ball
What’s Best Against The Sun?
Radiation in Cell Phones vs. Blue Tooth Head Phones
Let it Dry
The Effect of Snow on Solar Panels
The Heat Absorption of Various Colors
Feeding Preferences of Red Harvester Ants
Does Dog Saliva Affect the Growth of Bacteria?
How Does the Size of an Egg Affect it’s Porosity
The Effects of pH on the Hatching Rate of Brine Shrimp
Which Type of Bird Seed Attracts the Most Birds?
Analyzing the Effect of Scented Toys on Dog Interest Time
How Does the Salinity of Water Affect Artemia?
Does Bird Color Affect Budgie Behavior?
Why do Birds Fly in a V-formation?
Paw Power

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